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The Pizza House Nutrition Guide

Pizza House is pleased to announce that the majority of our pizza’s qualify under School Health Guidelines as described in the Creating a Healthy School Nutrition Environment .

Because of this, our pizza products are increasingly being delivered to schools throughout the York Region district.  As an independent and locally owned business, Pizza House understands that a healthy and well fed community is also a happy community.  We wanted to do our part in keeping our children, and adults informed about our pizza products, so we created The Pizza House Nutrition Guide. The Pizza House Nutrition Guide was formed using detailed and independent lab test results, conducted at  Sick Kid’s Hospital (please ask to see full detail nutritional list if required). We hope that you can take this information, and share it with your faculty members, parent trustees, and consider Pizza House to be a safe, reliable, and nutritious choice for your students, and hopefully your friends and family. Thank you for taking the time to read the Pizza House Nutrition Guide.These Are Some Of The Schools That Are Already Enjoying Our Services :

Fr. Frederick McGinn – Catholic Elementary School
Windham Ridge Public School
Our lady of the annunciations
Lake Wilcox public school
Academy for gifted children p.a.c.e
Beynon field public school
King City Secondary School

Light of Christ – Catholic Elementary School

For delivery inquiries please call Sam at 905-773-9442

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